The Role of the University in Education


The Role of the University in Education

A university is a place of higher learning and research that awards various degrees in a number of academic disciplines. They are governed by a board of trustees and are generally affiliated with a national or state agency responsible for the management of the university. Universities typically provide both postgraduate and undergraduate courses. Students can apply for admission to any of the universities and choose from a range of courses.

Most universities have the faculties of Arts, Business, Criminal Justice, Health Sciences, Law, Nursing, and Education. The Arts faculty is responsible for the creation of plays, drama, motion picture theater and other performing arts. The Business faculty provides professional development training and advises management on strategic planning. The Health Sciences faculty deals with the study and treatment of diseases, health, medical and nursing problems. The College of Education produces curriculum, teaching standards, learning techniques and develops programs of study suitable for students who want to pursue a career in teaching. Other departments of a school include administration, arts and sciences, criminal justice, humanities, mathematics, science, social sciences, psychology, sociology and technology.

Undergraduate courses in a university are grouped according to major. Classes are generally separated by subject area, so that students may take classes that specialize in one or more areas. There are undergraduate programs in business, law, nursing, arts, education, environmental studies, math, science, and sociology. Bachelors and masters programs in business, law, education, nursing, health sciences, health studies, environmental studies, math and science are available.

The number of students studying in a university is determined by enrollment numbers and the financial capacity of the institution. For this purpose, most universities have financial aid programs that help needy students who cannot afford full tuition fees. The government also provides financial aids for low-income students. The university has several scholarship schemes that help students in every field of study.

The main activities that take place in a university include research, teaching, administration, public service and student associations. Researchers work on research projects and teach at the university. Administration staff function as school counselors, sponsors of clubs, volunteers and teachers. Students can complete their studies through online courses.

University education covers all the aspects of learning. University students learn from lectures, laboratories and libraries. They complete their coursework on campus or via correspondence. In order to graduate, they may have to pass an exam conducted by the university. All university students are required to participate in campus activities.