The Difference Between Formal Education and Informal Education


The Difference Between Formal Education and Informal Education

Education is the process of fostering learning, the acquisition of academic knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and interpersonal skills. In education, teachers are involved in all levels of the development of students. There are many forms of education including formal classroom education, home schooling, work-based education and learning communities. Educational systems include training, teaching, public relations, scholarship programs, applied research and directed learning. The education system can be categorized into three main sectors: private school system, public school system and university system.

Education helps to shape the future. It helps young adults to mature into responsible individuals, it prepares students for the workforce and it instills a sense of societal responsibility and civic mindedness. Education brings out individual talents and individual gifts, and unites them in a common cause. Education brings out the best in a person, making him an individual in demand and capable of leading a dignified life.

Education facilitates new things to become possible. It introduces a whole new world into a child’s experience and teaches her the basic essential concepts of life. Education helps in forming the basic values and attitudes that are essential for successful living. Through education, children are taught to critically think about different issues affecting their lives and their interactions with others.

The informal education can be categorized as the most effective form of educating children. This happens when children interact with each other and learn by doing instead of just reading or listening. It includes activities such as playing games, participating in discussions and group projects. Through these learning processes, children acquire new things and knowledge through their very own actions and this also forms their capacity to express and understand on their own.

The formal education on the other hand is aimed at preparing them for higher level exams and to get higher positions in the corporate world. Formal education is often considered mandatory for students preparing for higher studies. In the case of informal education, it can be considered a beneficial process that helps in forming a child’s basic understanding on various subjects and the manner of thinking needed to successfully handle various situations. It is a good start in developing critical thinking skills that are highly essential in modern-day life. Moreover, through the learning process, kids get to learn new things in an enjoyable way.

However, education helps in creating a change in every individual. It shapes their character and helps them develop traits that are required in the real world. Through education, kids are taught to contribute towards society by becoming good citizens. They are given a chance to make a difference in the world and play a significant role in shaping the future of mankind.