Federal Student Loans

A student is mainly an individual enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution or a college and who is understudying for academic goals of gaining knowledge, building skills, gaining future employability in preferred field and obtaining higher level of education. Education today has become one of the most important aspects of our day to day lives and has become a stepping stone to success in every walk of life. It offers a wide range of opportunities ranging from a high school education to higher education or a university degree to an MBA. A student has the basic right to seek knowledge at his/her own pace and in the comfort of his/her home. This privilege has made education attainable for people belonging to all sections of society.


(uppercase) A thank you letter must be sent to anyone who has helped or contributed towards your studies. (caps) The student who has been acknowledged for his/her efforts can always use a “thank you” letter. In this letter, it is very important to thank the teachers, lecturers, and students who have been helpful in making your studies a success. The high school students can also make use of the template message for a thank you letter that can be found at the website below. This is a template message that has been used by many students and has been found very effective in addressing a student’s concerns.

(upper} A new five year’s student may opt for an online student loan as a part of finances required for higher studies. The amount depends on the length of the courses and the duration of the online student loan. A student loan can be of various types i.e. federal loans, bank loans, scholarship loans etc. Most universities or colleges have their financial aid office that deals with student loans. However if you are looking for information on a private student loan, then you will have to go through the private student loans website.

There are many private loans available that are eligible for federal financial aid. The details can be obtained from the FAFSA website. The federal loans will be available after the student has fulfilled the eligibility criteria for each individual loan. It will also depend on the Perkins loans that the student receives. The terms and conditions for the private loans will vary from one private student loan to another. It is advisable to compare all the available options before taking any decision.

The federal government is offering a range of financial assistance such as scholarships, Pell Grants, Direct subsidized Stafford Loan programs, Federal Plus, merit-based tuition deferment, loans, work-study programs etc. Many of these loan programs are offered directly by the federal government. Others are provided by state governments. Some of the scholarship programs are provided by the alumni associations or professional organizations of the colleges. The merit-based tuition deferment is granted to students who have been admitted to post graduate schools on a full time basis for a minimum of three semesters.

The Department of Education offers many financial assistance options to students such as the Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan programs, Direct Plus Student Loans, Pell Grants etc. These are offered either by the federal government directly or by the institutions or individuals who participate in the program. A student can go directly to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) or check it online. The online facility provides all the details of different types of student loans, their interest rates, terms and conditions. The student should apply for the loan schemes of interest according to his requirements.