Differences Between Online and On-Campus Programs

A university is a public non-profit institution that awards degrees in many academic fields and research. The term “university” is thought to have come from the Latin “unis,” meaning “one” and” Colleginae.” University names are derived from geographical regions. For example, the University of California – Davis is located in Davis, California. The other most famous universities are the Harvard University in Massachusetts and Oxford University in England. There are many private universities in the US and abroad.


A university can be a public or private educational establishment. In most countries, the term college means a degree awarded by post-secondary educational institutions that are recognized by government and society as having educational, academic and societal importance. The most common forms of higher education in the US are the university, the college, the university/collegiate system and the private college.

Private universities are not governed by the government. Most have their own philosophy and policy regarding academic quality and acceptance of students. Some of the most popular private universities include the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in England; the Ivy League university schools, including Harvard, Cambridge and Yale in the US; and the Japanese university system, known as JPN or the National University of Singapore. There are also professional universities such as the MBA universities in the US and the universities in Italy and Germany. Many colleges and universities throughout the world are also classified as professional universities.

Another type of institution is the early university. An early university was a college or primary school that began operating before a university. An example of such an institution is the Bible College in New York. There are also colleges and universities in Canada, such as the University of Toronto, the McGill University in Montreal and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

The two terms are usually used interchangeably, but their meanings and differences are crucial to students who plan to enter one or the other. A master’s degree is the highest degree awarded at a university and can be from any of the accredited colleges or universities in the US. The graduate studies program offered by a university is typically either a traditional degree program or a joint venture program between two or more colleges or universities. Joint ventures are similar to associate programs, wherein students take part in a project or course work supervised by another student from a different faculty.

For people planning to get a PhD in any area from a university, a common term used to describe the same is the professional doctorate. Such an educational program can be from any of the accredited colleges or universities in the US and may be either a joint venture program or a traditional one. A doctorate degree can be awarded for a variety of professional fields, such as education, nursing and PhD programs. It is important to note that most people going for graduate degrees do not end up in an academic position within the academic departments of their chosen universities. Instead, most graduate degrees are obtained by participating in research-based doctorate programs, which involve undertaking independent researches for academic articles based on original research data.