NYCM charity_logo_RGB_full color_secondary_horizontalThe Marcie Mazzola Foundation has been VERY privileged to participate in the TCS New York City Marathon for the past seven  years. One of the most prestigious marathon courses in the world, the TCS New York City Marathon takes over 45,000 runners through the streets of 5 boroughs, across 5 bridges and ends in Central Park with over 2 million spectators from all over the world.  Crossing the finish line is one of the true thrills of a lifetime.

Amazing people have joined Team Marcie over the years and they’ve raised thousands of dollars to help abused and at-risk children and increase awareness about the foundation.  We are so very grateful to each person who has been part of Team Marcie and we applaud your accomplishment of running and completing 26.2 miles!!!   It’s so INCREDIBLE!!!

2017 TEAM MARCIE comprised of eight people who ran the marathon on Sunday,  November 5th.  It was a cold rainy day but that did not put a damper on the team. They all crossed the finish line and surely didn’t look like they just ran 26.2 miles!  One team member continued to run even after she got a stress fracture in her ankle at the 5 mile mark.  Team Marcie gave it their all and far surpassed their running and fundraising goals.  Congratulations and  Many Thanks!

2016 TEAM MARCIE – 13 people joined Team Marcie and ran the marathon on Sunday, November 6th. The day was beautiful and the team was incredible.  The team comprised of people from New York, New Jersey, South Carolina and Colorado! Team Marcie 2016 is commended for their commitment to the Foundation and for their running and fundraising accomplishments!!   Many Thanks!!



Thank You Teams Marcie!!